Krista Courtaway

Krista Courtaway

Co-Founder & VP of Sales

Hello there! I'm Krista Courtaway, a data scientist with a unique ability to transform data into dividends. I'm excited to share a bit of my journey with you. My career began in a slightly unconventional way. Before diving into the world of data, I owned a real estate office in downtown San Marcos; I did computer repair in the Virgin Islands and web development right here in Austin.
I've learned how important it is to pay attention to the details while perfecting the art of complex problem-solving. These experiences, believe it or not, paved the way for my fascination with data science. But what really makes my approach unique? Well, I'm on the autism spectrum, so I have secret superpowers. ASD fuels my ability for pattern recognition, and my identic memory helps with information retention, often leading to innovative solutions that stand out.
I have taken the plunge; my business, Data Profit, offers comprehensive Data Science and AI services. Whether we're building custom AI models or applications or using data to increase our client's revenue, I'm all about making sense of the complex.
Apart from my professional life, I have some quirky hobbies that keep me grounded. I'm a nail technician for around 20 friends, showcasing my attention to detail (yes, it helps in data science, too!). I also love crafts, sometimes creating intricate designs that require precision and patience.
I bring diverse skills, a unique perspective, and a relentless commitment to accuracy and data integrity. I'm always up for a chat about how to drive and innovative data-driven solutions for my clients. Let's connect, and I will turn your company's data into revenue-boosting insights.